when we were kids we called him the big B.O
This in case you are unaware is a Political Parody Making fun of Our Goverment in Action. Parody is a Protected Right and a Peacefull way to Show Discontent with Our Government or it's Policies
Disclaimer reddingpolicedept.com and reddingcityhall.com are Privetly Owned Websites and are to be Considered Parody. We Reserve the Right to Poke Fun at anyone Without Notice at anytime Even the Downtrodden Masses we Have Become. as for the word obamanation it is Public Domain and as for the first time the name of a song called obamanation Occured you Need to check out the creative commons License entered by me way before anybody else called their song by that name for my tune called obamanation on soundclick.com
there have been
Other People
Looking at This!
Come on guy's this is america we are leaders not Borrowers. it's in you it's in every American ingenuity Ability Stamina Inteligence it's in there yes we can make a Pipe Wrench Faster than the Chinese. we can make t.v's better and cheaper than the Koreans. sure we can Let's Get the Lead out Pull up Our Socks and Get Going. invent Inovate conservate expediate.
it's Hammer Time.
if you see or hear something of yours i might have inadvertantly swiped i am sorry i get excited sometimes. Do Not Blow a Gasket Just Let me Know What Belongs to you and i will remove it Right away. if you see Something here that Pisses you Off But you do not Hold the Copyright to it Tuff Titties. i find things all over the net and it's really hard to guess which things belong to somebody that gives a shit and dont want me using it and the things that nobody cares about. like the Jimmy Stewart Movie it's a wonderfull Life that thing is Public Domain and so is much of the Music you hear on this site. i get much of it from the internet archive.org like i said if you own it and me using it pisses you off just let me know and poof it's gone.